How to Enjoy Sex For First Time

How to Enjoy Sex For First Time

Having sex for the first time can be a great experience. However, it can also leave you feeling confused and nervous.

It’s important to remember that sex is for pleasure and not to impress others. It may be hard to reach orgasm for the first few tries but it is possible.

1. Don’t rush

It can be tempting to go to bed with a partner right away, especially when you’re both feeling horny and ready to get it on. However, it is important to take your time when enjoying sex for the first time. You should never feel pressured to have sex because it’s what your friends are doing, what the characters in your favourite TV shows are doing, or what you think you should be doing by a certain age. You are the only person who knows when you’re ready to have sex.

When you’re ready, go into the bedroom and find a safe spot where you’ll feel comfortable. Then, take off your clothes piece by piece until you’re both naked. This is a good way to focus on the sensations of each other’s bodies and give you a better sense of the experience. It’s also a great opportunity to practise deep breathing, so you can let your nerves settle down and focus on the pleasure.

It’s also a good idea to try different positions and use lots of foreplay, so you can build up your confidence. And don’t be afraid to tell your partner if something doesn’t feel good – they’ll appreciate it and want to make it better next time. Just make sure to talk post-sex so you don’t feel guilty about your feelings.

2. Be patient

Just like riding a bike or driving a car, having sex for the first time takes practice. This is why you should be patient with yourself and your partner, even if you feel ready to start having sex. It is important that you both take your time to kiss, touch and explore each other’s erogenous zones before moving forward. This will help you both be more relaxed, and it will also reduce the likelihood of pain or an uncomfortable experience.

If you are having a hard time penetrating your partner, try using a lubricant to help ease the process. It is also important that you keep communicating during intercourse. Talking will allow you to understand your partner better, and it will also help you find the best position for penetration. It is also a good idea to use a condom, especially if it is your first time.

After you have had sex, be sure to cuddle and talk about how you felt. It is also a good idea to both pee (this flushes the urethral opening and can help prevent urinary tract infections). You may even want to consider trying some different positions to see what feels best for you. It is also a good idea to have some fresh, clean towels on hand in case you need to clean yourself.

3. Be honest

For some people, the thought of having sex for the first time can cause them to overthink the experience, making it difficult for them to enjoy it. It is important to be honest with your partner when talking about your expectations. This way, you can both be sure that the sex is going to be as enjoyable as possible for both of you.

For example, if you are worried that it will hurt, let your partner know so they can ease any fears or pain for you. Similarly, if you are worried that you won’t last long, tell them so they can speed things up or move to different positions. It is also important to be honest about what turns you on and what doesn’t. For example, if you find it really turns you on to have your genitals stroked, make sure your partner knows so they can continue doing this during sex.

It is also important to communicate about who gets to see the results of your first time sex. If your partner doesn’t want you to share the details with anyone, don’t pressure them into doing so. This could ruin the experience for both of you and can even have negative effects on your relationship. On the other hand, if you are happy to share, it is okay.

4. Don’t be afraid

Many people have a lot of anxiety about having sex for the first time. And that’s totally normal. Sex can be scary, especially if you have been fed a lot of false information and myths about it, or if you are a virgin.

If you are scared, it’s important to talk about it. This will help your partner understand what turns you on and what doesn’t, and you can start off slow with foreplay until you are both ready to jump in.

It’s also very important to keep in mind that it can take some people a long time to reach orgasm during sex, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to speed things up, there are lubricants that you can use and also a variety of techniques like slow kissing and deep breathing to get your body into the right rhythm and make it more responsive.

It’s also a good idea to always have barrier methods on hand — condoms are not only effective against unplanned pregnancies and STIs, but they can be comfortable too. And if you still feel nervous, there are psychologists who can help you overcome sexual phobias. So don’t let fear keep you from giving it a go, because sex is so much fun! Just remember that it might not be as awesome as rom-coms lead you to believe.